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cerita legenda tangkuban perahu dalam bahasa inggris

the legend of tangkuban perahu
Once, there was a kingdom in priangan land lived from a happy family. The were a father in from of dog. His name is tumang, a mother which was called is dayang sumbi, and a child which was called sangkuriang.
            One day, dayang sumbi asked her son to go hunting with his lovely dog. Tumang after hunting all day, sangkuriang began desparate and worried because he hunted no deen then he throught to shot his own dog. Then to took the dog liver and carried home.
            Soon dayang sumbi found out that it was not deer lever but tumang`s, his own dog. So, she was very angry and hit sangkuriang `s head scat then cast away from their home.
            Years go bye, sangkuriang had travel many place and finally carived at the village. He met a beautiful women and fell in love with her. When they were discussing their wedding plans. The women looked at the wound in sangkuriang`s head. It matched to her son`s wound who had left several year earlier. Soon she realized that she felt in love with her own son.
            She couldn`t marry him but how to say it. Then, she found the way. She needed a lake and a bout. Faor celebrating their wedding day. Sangkuriang had to make them in one right. The built a lake. With a down just moment away and the boat  was almost complete. Dayang sumbi had to stop it. Then, she lit up the easterm horizon with flashes of light. It made the cock crowed for a new away.
            Sangkuriang realized that he failed to finish the boat. Whit all his anger, he kicked the unfunished boat upside – down. The boat is now known as the mount takuban perahu in sundaness. Takuban mean boat. With the dam forn asunder, the water drained off the lake and made the lake a wide plain. It is now called bandung form the word “ bending “ which mean dam.

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